2018-04-25 21:35

"PIOMAR" za sponsorowała  nagrodę, do wygrania dla gołębia z lotu finałowego. Produkt będzie wysyłany pocztą lub odbiór osobisty. Nagroda, będzie dotyczyła przylotu gołębia z lotu finałowego na pozycji: ( informacja niebawem )

Flight plan for season 2018:
  In the 2018 season, we anticipate nine competition flights from the following distances and cities such as:
  1.- KRAKÓW about 60 mil
  2.- KRAKÓW about 60 mil
  3.- KRAKÓW about 60 mil
  4.- KRAKÓW about 60 mil
  5.- SOŚNICOWICE about 120 mil
  6.- KRAKÓW about 60 mil
  7.- WROCŁAW about 180 mil
  8.- KRAKÓW about 60 mil
  9.- ZGORZELEC / LUCKAU about 271 mil / 331 mil (flight depends on weather conditions)
The first competition flight will be around 20/07/2018. Next flights dependent on atmospheric conditions. The last competition flight we are planning on the second or third weekend of September.

New season 2018, new opportunities. The site was created for many breeders and fans of racing pigeons, not only in the area of our country but also for foreign enthusiasts of this wonderful sport.